Jovian Planets

The Jovian Planets-CCU

Unit 6

Learning Objectives

  • Compare and contrast the Jovian planets as a group to the terrestrial planets
  • Contrast the Jovian planets to each other in terms of density, atmosphere, and unique features.
  • Understand ring formation and compare the Jovian rings system to each other.
  • Compare and contrast the general characteristics of the major Jovian moons.



  • physical characteristics (and weather systems)
  • Magnetic field and auroras
  • Lunar diversity: Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto
  • Rings


  • Atmosphere
  • Rings
  • Titan and Mimas


  • atmosphere and physical features
  • tilted rotational axis
  • Moons and rings
  • magnetic field


  • physical properties
  • moons and rings
  • magnetic field
  • Triton

Class Notes – The Jovian Planets

Read Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune and/or Chapter 10 in Zeilik.

Read The Nine Planets

Online Homework